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  • Have a new idea about a smart hardware product, but do not know how to build it? 

  • Trying to reduce your manufacturing cost while keeping the same quality?

  • Need local coordination and onsite supervision with your Chinese supplier?

We are here to help answer all questions regarding product definition, design and manufacturing. With relatively low cost in the beginning, we help you to reduce risks in product development and plan the roadmap accordingly.


With in-house engineering and trusted partners, we help our clients build products from scratch. Our design services include:

  • Industrial Design.

  • Electronics Design.

  • Mechanical Design.

  • Firmware and Software Design.

  • DFT/DFM 

From polishing product ideas, to design PCBs and adjust injection tooling, we offer one-stop solution for smart hardware products.​

From 1 prototype to 1,000,000 units production, we're happy to grow together with you. Utilizing local Shenzhen resources in hardware manufacturing, we'll match your demands with proper scale factories, and achieve good balance of cost and leadtime.

We do manufacturing in:

  • PCB, SMT/PCBA, electronic component sourcing

  • Injection molding for plastics and silicone

  • Metal CNC

  • Packaging

Testing helps keep product quality stable and meet compliance in different countries. We help with following tests:

  • Product reliability tests. (Thermal cycling, transportation, aging, high-voltage discharge, drop, cyclic corrosion test)

  • Certification tests, i.e., CE/FCC/BQB/RoHS

  • Functional tests during mass production

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